Roger Harmon and Frodie Wapikiya assembled a unique and diverse team of emcees from around the NorthWest and groomed them into Major Label artists. We are preparing a nationwide assault, after the release and distribution of Koshir's "White Girl Diaries", OverTime's "In And Out Of The Game", Dices "Versityle", Illmac Ulate's "Skrill Talk" and Frodie's "Ridin' Old School - 85 In The 85", "Petals Of A Rose", and Missoula Baseball - The Album".  Wapikya Records plans to keep on pushin' a cascade of projects onto the streets and into retail outlets everywhere. With over 30 mixtapes and nine official albums, they feel they have just begun to show the world their dedication to Hip-Hop music.

Also,  Wapikiya Records now offers a local DJ service providing professional and affordable sound and service for any event:  weddings, parties, dances and more!!

Wapikiya Records, LLC.
Missoula, MT 59803

For booking Wapikiya Artists or DJ's please contact Roger or Frodie.
Frodie: 406-830-0830